The Seven Day Countdown To Ash and Bones



7 days to go!

Here are 7 things every author thinks

about their first novel:


1. This is rubbish
2. This is going to make me rich

3. I wonder what the cover will look like

4. Nope, this is definitely rubbish

5. Somebody pinch me. Hard.

6. I need (another) drink

7. I’m never doing that again



6 days to go!

Here are 6 things every author‬ has on their desk

(in my experience, anyway):


1. Hot, cold, microwaved, hot cup of tea to keep you hydrated – see point 2
2. Ibuprofen for the hangover – a MUST

3. A wide selection of snacks – to prevent leaving the desk

4. 35 scrunched up pieces of paper – proof of progress

5. A handwritten note of encouragement, held down by a weird makeshift paperweight – for all those ‘bad days at the office’

6. A pen and old bits of paper – just in case you have a brilliant idea for a novel (three novels down the line), but are up to your eyeballs in your current one.



5 days to go!

Here are 5 ways being a ‪‎cop‬ has helped

with my writing‬


1. Rejection – when you get told several times a day, every day to f*** off, a polite rejection letter actually seems quite pleasant.

2. Typing skills – when you have mountains of paperwork, you become a master of two fingered typing at ninja speed

3. Working on your own – there are never enough of you on the beat, this prepares you well for the life of solitude writing brings

4. Staying awake – your body clock is stuffed after years of shifts, so you can write for weeks before remembering you need sleep

5. The stories – the things you see, the people you meet, the good, the bad and the ugly… but that’s for another novel



4 days to go!

Here are 4 things I wish someone had told me about family life

before I became a writer


1. There will be days when you prefer your novel to real life, and will wrestle with this guilt constantly

2. When you emerge from the fug of a novel, your children will have grown 3 inches

3. Writing has the amazing ability to make you feel completely alone, even in the craziest of households

4. Writing a novel is like having another pregnancy in the house, but everyone else is the expectant father instead of you.



3 days to go!

Here are my three

favourite supporting characters in my novels:

Pocket Notebook‬
Lowri Horton – a damaged, wise-beyond-her-years teen prostitute, both fragile and tough as nails, Lowri offers shelter and solace to the novel’s unravelling ‘protagonist’, PC Jacob Smith, and allows him to find temporary redemption… before things finally go horribly, terribly wrong in his life.

Ugly Bus‬
David Murphy – endearingly nicknamed Flub – for Fat Lazy Useless Bastard – David is perhaps the novel’s one character that provides calm amidst the chaos of an increasingly frenzied tour of duty. He’s not without his flaws, as the nickname suggests, but where the rest of the officers on the van are violent, corrupt, deeply unpleasant people, David’s jaded, world-weary lack of interest and black humour provides a softer – although not too soft – counterpoint to the madness.

Ash and Bones‬
Charlotte Beck – when the protagonist DC Will MacReady is ignored by the other old sweat ‘tecs on the team, Detective Sergeant Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Beck is there to hold his hand – and he needs it. Smart, sarcastic and fizzing with nervous energy, Beck is everything MacReady wants to be: a tough, funny, hard-working detective. During the investigation they form a strong partnership… but events affect them both, and reverberate into the next novel, ‘Splinter’…


2 days to go!

Here are exclusive details about

the next 2 MacReady novels:


Novel 2: Cardiff is at boiling point. It’s the hottest summer in memory, and the city is gripped by the ongoing race murder trial of Alex Castle. Tempers are fraying, people are taking to the streets. And then, amidst it all, a man walks into the local ethnic market. Lights three homemade explosives and tosses them into the crowd. Walks away. And what MacReady and the team don’t realise is that this is just the beginning…

Novel 3: A girl is snatched from under her parents’ noses at her fifth birthday party. MacReady and his colleagues fear the worst; she has just vanished, and nothing is heard from the person who took her. MacReady and the rest of the team are desperate to find her alive – but then another girl goes missing… and then another…




1 day to go!

With just one day to go, there is really only

ONE thing on my mind!

A large Jack Daniels and coke…and maybe a big fat cigar!

It’s out tomorrow! Hope you enjoy.



Publication Day!




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