Little Bookness Lane

Publisher:  Black and White Publishing

Publication date:   6th October 2016


DI Bob Valentine stood outside the chief superintendent’s office, worrying the thick, brown, industrial carpet tiles so much that he guessed a static shock was imminent.

summoning-the-dead-by-tony-blackIf anything conjures up a vision of DI Bob Valentine as he works, that quote does it for me. He seems like such a humble bloke; dedicated, considerate, and also fighting a fascinating battle with a unique gift for connecting with the victims, particularly the deceased ones. Yes, Bob is a psychic in denial but he must learn to recognise and embrace the not-so-subtle signs when they present themselves in his new case, especially when complications begin to set in.

In Summoning the Dead he’s trying his damnedest to focus on unearthing the awful truth behind the discovery of a body sealed in an oil drum. The truth may have been festering for over thirty years…

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