Reblog: 6 Fascinating Advances in Forensic Science – Written by Author Jennifer Chase

Author Jennifer Chase


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Forensic science is a captivating topic, as evidenced by the droves of television shows and movies that dabble in the theme. The problem is – these programs, albeit entertaining, are full of misinformation.

One common entertainment trope involves a crime scene investigator gathering forensic evidence, and then within a day or so, the mystery has been solved!

In reality, forensic analysis is relatively time consuming, and complex. Notwithstanding the complex nature of forensics, it is unquestionable that modern forensic science is advancing at a rapid pace. So, hopefully one day in the near future, real life with align with the movies.

Here are some cool advances that are paving the way for quick, efficient and accurate forensic analysis.

Hair Protein Markers

Scientists have identified unique protein markers in our hair that may possibly be used in conjunction with DNA profiling for identifying people.  DNA profiling…

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