Reblog: Guest Post: Caimh McDonnell author of debut novel, A Man With One Of Those Faces – Via readingwrites


Today I am delighted to have author, comedian and television writer, Caimh McDonnell on the blog, with an hilarious guest post about friendship, estate agents and the dangers inherent in being a serial killer. His debut novel A Man With One Of Those Faces is out now…Enjoy.


     How to Dump a Body

Picture the scene – it’s August 2002 in a stifling hot Shepherd’s Bush, London and I have a body to get rid of.

In many ways it was a simpler time …

A version of the band the Sugababes were topping the charts while containing people we actually recognised as being in the Sugababes. There had been a World Cup which Brazil had won as they are always supposed to, and the cinema was being dominated by a trilogy of small indie films about a little hairy fella trying to throw a ring into a volcano.

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