Reblog: Those That Remain – Rob Ashman – Reviewed by ChapterInMyLife

Scottish Crime Fiction Blogger and Author


As a blogger you get lots of requests to review books, some are just links sent out en masse, some don’t even look to see your preferred genre and some don’t even mention your blog. So the requests that have a personal touch and those who have taken the time to look at your blog are always warmly welcome!  When I opened up the email from Rob I couldn’t resist accepting his request! Seriously it was the funniest email I have ever received in relation to my blog and it was clear that Rob had taken the time to have a wee look at what I do before he sent the email off! So to the “happy dancing” man who made me laugh on a day at work that was driving me insane – thank you!


A thrilling read to grip you from the first page to the last…

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