Reblog: Dark Fragments by Rob Sinclair – Reviewed by Chat About Books

Chat About Books

Publisher: Bloodhound Books (8th November 2016)

Wow, what an ending! I genuinely did not see that coming.

I have been a fan of Rob Sinclair since reading The Enemy series, so I was over the moon when Rob offered me an early copy of Dark Fragments!

Dark Fragments is completely different to The Enemy series, but equally gripping.

Ben Stephens seems like your average bloke. He is married to Gemma, with two children he adores, but I felt he was still grieving for his first wife, Alice, who had been murdered seven years previously. Her killer was never found.

We soon discover that he had, in fact, been having an affair with Gemma before Alice’s murder. Alice herself had been unfaithful too, so their relationship had been far from perfect. He had adored Alice though. He isn’t quite sure he’s ever felt the same about Gemma, but they are…

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