Little Bookness Lane

Publisher:  Bloodhound Books

Publication date:  8th November 2016


Dark Fragments by Rob SinclairWhatever the opposite of the ‘Midas Touch’ is, Ben Stephens has perfected it. The brutal murderer of his first wife has never been caught, he’s constantly walking in the shadow of his twin sister, he works for his filthy rich father-in-law with dubious degrees of success, and has accrued massive personal debt. In fact, none of his efforts have made a positive impact on the world lately.

Tired of being herded in ways he doesn’t want to go, despondency erupts into rage causing him to take some pretty drastic action to try and regain control. The effectiveness of his decisions remains to be seen throughout as he gets very few lifelines thrown to him due to his reckless efforts.

Several laws are broken, as are noses, provoking unwanted interest from his detective sister, who is another source of irritation for Ben. It’s all he needs while the unsavoury characters he’s had the…

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