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Once the horrific act of murder has been committed, there is generally a relatively short window of time for law enforcement to solve the mystery. As time passes, the chance of a solving a murder case dwindles significantly.

And, the reason is simple—witnesses’ memories fade, valuable evidence begins to vanish or disintegrate, and police resources are reallocated. These seemingly forgotten murder files become known as cold cases.

Every once and while, however, a renewed energy is given to case, and there becomes a resurrected interest in solving the murder due to technological advances in forensic science.

Here are two examples of cold cases in which the true murderer was finally revealed due to advances in DNA profiling. And with the solving of these murders, a sliver of justice was found for the innocent, deceased victims.

The Mary Klinsky Murder

Occurred: 1965, Solved: 2016

Over a half-century…

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