Little Bookness Lane

Publisher:  Twenty 7 – Bonnier Zaffre

Publication date:  3rd November 2016 (Paperback)


cut-to-the-bone-coverThis intriguing and complex story of missing Ruby Day shines a light into the murky corners of the online world we innocently immerse  ourselves in. It appears the intricate bread crumb trail of deleted virtual histories can’t be erased as easily as people can.

The unexpected disappearance of a young woman would naturally cause alarm, but what if that person was a little bit famous with a fan base monitoring the progress of any potential investigation? How long do you wait to confirm if it’s simply a case of someone having an unscheduled time out, or if they have attracted the attention of some oddball lurking in the shadows of Cyberville?

Now that’s a difficult call. Balancing the parents’ seemingly early overreaction to plead with the police to find their vlogger daughter against the fact that she was old enough to come and go without…

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