Reblog: Author Interviews Stevyn Colgan – Interviewed by BlondeWriteMore


Author Interviews-2

Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews. 

I love Saturdays because I get to hang out with some inspirational authors on my blog. Over a virtual cuppa and a biscuit they tell me all about their writing life, the obstacles they have faced whilst writing and their motivations for doing something amazing like writing a book.

This week I am really excited as Stevyn Colgan is sat in my red chair. Brace yourselves readers because I have one hell of an interview coming up! I have a feeling his answers are going to leave me speechless…

Hey Stevyn! Welcome to my blog, please have a seat..

Tell my readers about yourself and the book / books you have written

Hello! My name is Stevyn Colgan. I’m a beardy and oddly-spelled Cornishman in his mid-50s living on the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire border (where they film ‘Midsomer Murders’, worryingly).

I’m an ex-chef, an…

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