28933003Everyone has a secret in Tall Oaks . . . When three-year-old Harry goes missing, the whole of America turns its attention to one small town. Everyone is eager to help. Everyone is a suspect. Desperate mother Jess, whose grief is driving her to extreme measures. Newcomer Jared, with an easy charm and a string of broken hearts in his wake. Photographer Jerry, who’s determined to break away from his controlling mother once and for all. And, investigating them all, a police chief with a hidden obsession of his own . . .

Tall Oaks is, hands down, one of my top reads this year. It has already become one of my favorite books ever. The novel started with a creepy first chapter that truly fascinated me. A few pages later, I was laughing out loud. Other scenes were just so tragic I wanted to hug some of the characters. This book has EVERYTHING. A…

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