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A few weeks ago I received this unexpected and rather intriguing package from Borough Press. Along with the book, there were several items which would be handy for a detective: a notebook, post-it notes, a coffee cup, mints and a relaxing camomile tea bag. All of these, the accompanying note suggested, would give a snapshot into the life of the protagonist of Missing, Presumed DS Manon Bradshaw.

Manon is a fascinating character. She is a detective sergeant working on a case where a young woman has vanished from her house, leaving behind her phone, keys and car, some blood traces and an open door. It is clear that something untoward has happened but Manon and her team are struggling to find any trace of Edith. The first 72 hours in a missing persons enquiry are apparently the most important and after that, it is more likely that the police will…

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