32454326Book Description:

My husband loves me.
I love him.
But, a secret is eating us alive.

It’s not the one I keep from him.
It’s not the one he couldn’t keep from me.
And, someone knows everything.

A stranger. A stalker. An online nightmare.
I’ve got mail.

A gripping psychological thriller from the author of international bestselling NO KISS GOODBYE

My Thoughts:

See Me Not is a story told in the first person in alternating chapters by Emma, David and Amber.

Emma is quite a complex character. Even though she has what she wants in life, she is still a very troubled soul. Her life is about to get even more troublesome and it has her loved ones fearing for her sanity.

David, is Emma’s husband. There is no doubt how much he loves his wife. It certainly can’t be easy for him living with Emma as he constantly worries…

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