Today I’m welcoming debut author June Taylor who is talking about writing her psychological page turner  Losing Juliet.

 Tell us about the book in one sentence.

It’s a twisty psychological page-turner about a friendship gone bad.

 What inspired you to write it?

A road trip to France in the late eighties. It was full of ‘What if?’ moments, the significance of which I only realised as I got older. I was carrying ideas around in my head for a lot of years until eventually I felt I had a story and was able to write it.

The “mother/daughter/best friend” relationship forms an interesting triangle. Was this always your angle?

Well I like strong female characters. And if I can just veer off into scriptwriting for a moment, my favourite film is Thelma and Louise. I also love Sally Wainwright’s Happy Valley; her lead protagonist is such a force of nature…

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