Another fantastic week for novels!

Here’s this week’s poll. Can’t wait to see which novel you vote for.

If you can’t remember what this is all about, here’s a quick reminder:

Every week I am hoping to extract all the novel titles from my ‘Round Up Blog‘ and enter them into a poll. If a novel is not on the list it is because it didn’t appear in my blog during the week stated at the top of the poll. I’d love to know which novel (not review) was your favourite. If you haven’t read any of them, pick the one you would choose to read instead.

To enter, simply select your choice and then scroll to the bottom to vote. No likes, follows or sign ups required. Thanks!

Here’s this week’s Poll:


Here’s the result of last week’s Poll:








You voted for ‘Blood Lines’ by Angela Marsons.  Here’s one of the reviews that gave it a knockout five stars!

Previous poll winners:

Tall Oaks by Chris Whitaker

One thought on “Which One Was Your Favourite This Week?

  1. I vote for Frailty by Betsy Reavley as I have read one of her books before. Frailty is another Christmas present from my mum that I have.


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