Huge thanks to Hannah and Connor for setting up a great looking table for my book signing this weekend at the delightful indie bookshop – The Wellfield Bookshop (@WellfieldBooks1) :


Plenty of mince pies and cups of tea all round!




Within minutes I had my first signing, but Lynda was too shy to have her photo taken with me. Don’t worry Lynda, you weren’t the only one!



Mark was so engrossed, he almost walked out of the shop without buying his book. I thought I was going to have to dust off my handcuffs and make my first arrest of the day!

Enjoy the retirement Mark.



Rachel and Autumn came in with a list of friends who wanted signed copies (I did more writing in 15 minutes than the last 15 weeks, but don’t tell my publisher that!).

Good luck with the new job, Rachel!


I think I’ve scored!

There were plenty of cuddles and laughs all round today. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.





Couldn’t have done it without you, guys! Big thanks again to Hannah and Connor at the Wellfield Bookshop for all your help, enthusiasm and cups of tea (and for the book recommendations, too. That’s Christmas sorted!).

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