Happy New Year, all!

So, it’s January – a time when I should be motivated and invigorated and firing on all cylinders, ready to take on the mammoth task of writing (*suddenly feels weak*) Book Three. The final edits for Book Two in the MacReady series, ‘Splinter’, are resting with my publishers, so my new one, which has been simmering away nicely in my head for such a long time, should now be ready to explode onto the page…. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, back to the last seven days. Take a look a this week’s selection of books eligible for voting- there are way too many good ones to choose from!

Here’s this week’s Poll:


Here’s the result of last week’s Poll:

As you can see Flesh Evidence by Malcolm Hollingdrake held the top spot, but shares it this week with Bloq by Alan Jones – both earning 28% of the votes. With 20% of the votes, Witness by Caroline Mitchell took the runner-up spot.

This Week’s Joint Winners:

Bloq by Alan Jones

The blurb:

A gritty crime thriller. Glasgow man Bill Ingram waits in the city’s Central Station to meet his daughter, returning home from London for Christmas. When the last train pulls in, and she doesn’t get off it, he makes a desperate overnight dash to find out why. His search for her takes over his life, costing him his job and, as he withdraws from home, family and friends, he finds himself alone, despairing of ever seeing her again.



Read this great review of Bloq by Jo’s Book Blog

Find out more about Alan on his website, Twitter or Facebook page

Flesh Evidence by Malcolm Hollingdrake

The blurb:

In Harrogate things are about to get weird.

Jars of honey containing pieces of tattooed flesh are the first clue in the search for the whereabouts of a missing fourteen-year-old boy. Then another boy goes missing and further jars of honey are discovered.

Serial kidnappings taking place in Harrogate and the culprit is unlike any other Bennett has dealt with before.

A number of leads seem to be going nowhere and the police are running out of time.

Can Bennett and his team catch a psychopath before any more damage is done?

This will be his toughest case yet.

Read this great review of Flesh Evidence from Books From Dusk Till Dawn

Find out more about Malcolm here or catch up with him on Twitter

This Week’s Runner-up:

Witness by Caroline Mitchell

Reviewed by mychestnutreadingtree

Previous poll winners:

20/12/16 Flesh Evidence by Malcolm Hollingdrake with 45.83%

13/12/16 The Gift by Louise Jensen with 33.33% Joint winner with:

13/12/16 Death Stalks Kettle Street by John Bowen with 33.33%

07/12/16 Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough with 52.94%

29/11/16 An Honest Deceit by Guy Mankowski with 39.13%

22/11/16 Blood Lines by Angela Marsons with 38.46%

16/11/16 Tall Oaks by Chris Whitaker with 25%


*Every week I extract all the novel titles from my ‘Round Up Blog‘ and enter them into a poll. If a novel is not on the list it is because it didn’t appear in my blog during the week stated at the top of the poll. I’d love to know which novel (not review) was your favourite. If you haven’t read any of them, pick the one you would choose to read instead.

2 thoughts on “Which One Was Your Favourite This Week?

  1. Mike, thanks for including Bloq in the poll – it was a very pleasant surprise to find out I was a joint winner. ,. Congratulations to Malcolm Hollingdrake and I’d also like to thank to everyone who voted for Bloq,


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