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Her Husband’s Lover by Julia Crouch is an absolutely brilliant psychological thriller. It begins with a bang, literally, as Louisa’s car with her children in the back is forced off the road by her husband’s car and crashes. Her husband, Sam, is killed in the accident and as Louisa manages to crawl free, her car erupts in a fireball. We next meet her as she is rebuilding her life following many months in hospital and having had counselling to help her get over the trauma and grief. But this story isn’t just about Louisa: it’s also about Sophie, her husband’s lover, and how she seems intent on tracking Louisa down and ruining what is left of her life.

This story was so cleverly constructed. Of course to begin with, my sympathies lay entirely with Louisa. How could they not be after what she had gone through, losing her husband and…

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