Little Bookness Lane

Publisher: Avon Books UK

Publication date: 26th January 2017


Perfectly acceptable reasons to love Perfect Remains:

perfect-remains-blk-coverAN AMBITIOUS ODDBALL with a CUNNING PLAN

Do you love to hate a deluded menace in pursuit of their warped personal goal?? Well this one’s a meticulous ploster with a talent for creeping people out without even trying. It’s always someone else’s fault of course, or so their conscience deceives them. They can’t quite grasp that the only reason people start to leave a room is because they’ve entered it. As you know their identity from the off you may be lulled into believing they’ve already done their worst – WRONG!

Interests include: Applying empathy in moderation, being ingratiating to a fault, discovering inventive methods of disposal, and amateur dentistry.


Aaah. DI Luc Callanach. I suppose ought to explain why, hadn’t I? Okay, he’s an attractive Frenchman and has curiously exchanged Interpol for a Police Station…

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