Blog Tour ~ Unforgiveable by Mike Thomas

Jaffareadstoo is delighted to be hosting today’s stop on the Unforgivable Blog Tour

I am delighted to welcome the author, Mike Thomas to tell us all about his writing space in …

My Writing Space

I’ve lived quite the transient lifestyle during the last six or seven years, moving house several times and eventually leaving the UK for a six month stay in the wilds of central Portugal. We forgot to move back though, so now I’m here for good, writing and fixing up an old stone quinta that was derelict for nearly three decades and appears destined to drain my bank account of every single penny I have to my name.

Within those various houses I’ve been moved around constantly, from dining rooms to bedrooms and back, then to hallways and kitchen worktops and even a draughty old veranda that was collapsing at one end – Look! You can see the garden through the floor! – and populated by lizards. It’s been interesting, and not a little disruptive, but if you’re gonna write you’re gonna write, no matter the surroundings.

I dream of a fixed place where everything is set up so I can just turn my computer on each morning and begin typing. Until then, wherever I move I have a few things that will remain on my desk, or on the wall nearby. They make it feel semi-permanent, at least. Now I’m back in the bedroom again, which conveniently means I can roll out of my pit and onto the chair for work while still in my underwear…

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