Unforgivable by Mike Thomas #Review #Giveaway @ItDahFiveOh @BonnierZaffre

I’m thrilled today to be on the blog tour for Unforgivable by Mike Thomas. This is the second  book in the DI Will MacReady series. I’ll be sharing my review and further down I have a competition to win one of 3 copies.Unforgivable cover

Bombs detonate in a busy souk, causing massive devastation.
An explosion rips apart a mosque, killing and injuring those inside.
But this isn’t the Middle East – this is Cardiff . . .

In a city where tensions are already running high, DC Will MacReady and his colleagues begin the desperate hunt for the attacker. If they knew the ‘why’, then surely they can find the ‘who’? But that isn’t so easy, and time is fast running out . . .

MacReady is still trying to prove himself after the horrific events of the previous year, which left his sergeant injured and his job in jeopardy, so he feels sidelined when he’s asked to investigate a vicious knife attack on a young woman.

But all is not as it seems with his new case, and soon MacReady must put everything on the line in order to do what is right.

My thoughts

Opening the pages to Unforgivable you are thrown straight into the action, and oh boy is there plenty of action to keep you gripped.

When a bomb is set off in a busy souk there’s pure devastation, utter chaos and sadly very believable scenes. Another explosion is then set off in a Mosque, causing more devastation and to the police, to everyone really it looks like a terror attack and the hunt is on to find the killer. Reading these scenes my heart was in my mouth, I could have been in the middle of the destruction, witnessing it all for real.

There are a few different threads to Unforgivable, so not only is Will Macready on the hunt for the attacker, he has another case to crack as well…

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