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Who out of the characters in your novels would you most like to make a piece of furniture for…?

Probably a coffin, for Jacko, the killer in Blue Wicked!’







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Why do you think Jeremy Hunt is still in his job?

‘I don’t know. I’ve never forgiven the BBC for, on the day of Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle, announcing that Jeremy Hunt had been sacked before rescinding it an hour later. It was the day after our end-of-year exams, so we all went to the pub to celebrate before becoming incredibly depressed. And being drunk at lunchtime for no reason…’



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Where in a work in progress do you hit what lots of authors refer to as ‘the writing wall’? 30 thousand words? 40?

“Maybe 10 words in? No, I’m joking…”







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“…If it was to disguise the fact that I’m male, as some have suggested, it was a dismal failure as every form of social media has a photo of the least feminine-looking person imaginable…”





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“…Good question! Essentially, I’m an idiot from the much-maligned, post-industrial outpost of Hull who thought writing crime novels would be a good idea…”





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“….I also have a very overactive imagination – so where ever I am and whatever I’m doing I’m always thinking ‘what if this happened?’ and ‘what if that happened?’…”