Open Questions using the basic 5WH is a well-established interview technique used by the police and many other interview-based roles such as journalism and more. The 5WH is a way of asking open questions, making it impossible for the responding person to answer with a closed answer of ‘yes’ or ‘no’, therefore opening the person up to providing more information so that 5WH technique can be applied again and again.

The 5WH are:







With this in mind, I have decided to use this technique to interview authors, characters and bloggers who may want to sit in the Interview Room with me and answer 6 simple questions.

If you are an Author or Blogger and would like to give this a try, fill out the contact form below. If you are an author, you can even respond as one of the characters from your novels. I can’t wait to see the answers (Submissions being accepted now)!