…The narration is edgy and feels staggeringly authentic…”

Wendy – Little Bookness Lane

“…Explosive, adrenaline-pumping, and chillingly plausible!..”

Zoe – What’s Better Than Books?

“…A thriller from an ex-police officer exploring an act of domestic terrorism in Cardiff…”

Bookseller ‘books that reflect our times’






“… more grit in it than a sandwich eaten on a windy day in Cardiff Bay…”

The Book Trail









“…should be compulsory reading for all new Home Secretaries and Police Commissioners ” John Cleal


“ … a claustrophobic city-centred immorality tale …” Culture Fly






“Stuns like a truncheon, grips like a pair of handcuffs, crackles with charge like a taser… terrifying.” Niall Griffiths


“Chaotic, nasty, exhilarating.” The Guardian